Bugsys Club Poker Room

Number Of Players: This is a smaller poker room but growing 2500 players.
Games: Limit Hold'em, No-Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Hold'em, Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Limit Stud, Limit Stud Hi/Lo.
Tournaments: Multi-Table Tournaments and Satellite Games, Poker, Bugsys Leagues, European Getaway, WPT Getaway and Megabux
Software: PokerPages Software.
Bonuses: 20% Bonus on $100 deposit
Deposit Options: Credit Cards (Visa & MasterCard), PrePaid ATM, BACs & Swift, Neteller e-Cash, BankWire, BankDraft.

Bugsys Poker has done an excellent job in developing an online community that would fit to his character. A very clean and professional outfit with a community that keeps you coming back. The forum ensures that you stay in contact with your fellow gang members and keeps you up to date with the going on at the Poker Room.

Besides all the ongoing promotions and heavy involvement in the World Series of Poker, they offer new poker players and excellent way of learning the game with their Online Poker School.
Bugsys Bonus Points (BBP) are awarded for play at BugsysClub and you can either turn them into INSTANT CASH anytime you have acquired 1000 or more or you can enter BBP Buy-in tournaments to win CASH or more BBP's. This is a really cool bonus program that will keep you playing for a lot longer than you would ever anticipate without the need to keep depositing more money. You can also end up winning really big prizes with these BBP's.