Number Of Players: This is a large poker room with 2-5 thousand players.
Games: Texas Hold'em, Omaha Poker, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud, One-on-One Poker
Tournaments: Various Multi-Table Tournaments and Satellite Games
Bonuses: is upping the game in offering you better deals. By simply making a deposit you can get up to 50% more for FREE!
Deposit Options: Click2Pay, instacash, NETeller, Mastercard, Visa, Citadel, Moneybookers, UseMyBank, PaySpark. - Play Live

Before you start playing at your regular poker site or if you want to start at an `easy to play' poker site go and have a look at

One of the biggest attractions of poker is that you play with other real people matching their skills and wits against each other. A real buzz to those of you who prefer that, to playing the odds against the house, as in many other casino games.

You will find a very new and graphic software have developed it themselves using their industry experience and listening and understanding what the players want. have made it easy to download and play they make full use of Macromedia's Flash download for great, realistic sound and graphics.

In developing the software, themselves they have not only addressed players' desires but created virtual poker rooms and tables with graphic displays of reality you can almost smell the beige and the perfumed ladies so, dress up in your favorite holey pants, grab a cigar and a collide and sit your wife/hubby (or whoever) on your knee and get playing.

For new poker players there is the choice of playing for `fun' if you just like the thrill of the game and where no real money is used.  

If you wish to get serious and play to win real CASH. Easy to organize banking: with instant payouts. Netteller, one of the internet's most respected banking facilities, is at your immediate service with an easy user guide, explaining how, and answering questions.

You too may have some input. If there is something you would like to say there is a room for that just write it and send it. It's good to see your ideas being read by others gives you a kick no? Well I wouldn't want to play poker against you then.

Paul Cherry at even shows you how to build your own poker table, so when you get really good online you can invite your have a thorough customer service for support, questions and suggestions. Also for reporting any system `bugs' that may come to your attention all's services are available 24/7. Can't sleep, go and play while.

Free roll tournaments will be starting soon on You will be able to enter tournaments at your leisure. Perhaps you have shared in the excitement watching TV poker tournaments well, do it yourself the adrenalin will really get moving then. - Play Live